Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Really seeing bugs"

My last post made mention of "people who see bugs" on their skin. Well, you may have not met or know of any person who sees bugs on their skin; but they exsist.
Unfortunately these people suffer from as psychosis known as "delusions of parasitosis". It seems as a number of these folks burdened with this are often, but not always, previously users of illegal drugs.

It is hard to imagine that a person can "see" something that is not visually "there" to the majority of us; but what these people see on or coming out of their skin is very real. They often complain of their skin feels like "it is moving; or something is crawling or moving under their skin". They often pull at the scabs or open wounds on their skin showing the webs that are attached to the bugs; sometimes they have plastic bags that contain all the bugs that they have collected that have come out their skin. Some of these people have used "bug spray" that you and I would have used only in the garage ON THEIR SKIN; often in abundance. In addition to the bugs they now have rashes from the poison that they put on their skin!

Quite a few of these people with this disorder are just shuttled from doctor to doctor without a diagnosis, being told that a practice can no longer help them. I think this happens because these patients are very time consuming; they require maximum attention and time from a physician and the practice. Sometimes it seems that no one wants to be the bearer of the news that a patient suffers from a mental disorder (I feel that the stigma attached to having a mental illness contributes to this unfortunate problem). There are those patients who absolutely refuse to believe that they do suffer from a mental illness; I think this is to be expected from a person who actually sees bugs coming out of their skin. It really is helpful if the patient has a good support system at home that can deal with the realization of what the actual problem is and can get the patient treatment. The patient with this disorder is difficult to treat.

These people are suffering from a mental disorder that makes them see and feel things on/in their skin which is invisable to others. Dermatologists see and treat patients with this disorder to patients that have VISABLE and uncurable diseases on their skin which in itself leads to problems with self esteem. (Visable Skin Disease is a very interesting subject in itself; maybe my doctor friend will someday soon complete his E-Book on the subject!) Skin problems can be simple or very complex.
With this information I hope to dispell the myth that many people believe; DERMATOLOGIST ONLY TREAT PEOPLE WHO HAVE ACNE OR SKIN CANCER!

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Hopefully this has been some help to someone; or at least an interesting read.
Later, KRKK

Thursday, September 3, 2009

People with "BUGS"

There are people who do get infested with bugs on their skin and hair. There are times that you cannot see the bugs with the naked eye; yet there are times when you can. Theses cases are pretty clear cut because the little culprits that are causing the problems can be seen or caught and looked at under the microscope. Most of the time these cases are contagious by close physical contact, sharing clothes,blankets, furniture, bedding. There are steps to get rid of the little culprits which work well. You or your child will probably have to stay away from school or work depending on the policy.

You have probably heard of people at work or at school that have had this unfortunate situation happen to them. These things can happen to the cleanest family on the block. It should not be a social stigma. IT JUST HAPPENS!
There are tried and true ways to alleviate the problem . IT WILL GO AWAY if treated properly.

Now, there is another kind of ""bugs in and on the skin problem". This kind of problem is where the person feels and sees the bugs crawling and coming out of their skin. If you meet someone that tells you about their problem and wants you to see their bugs, you can say yes or decline the invitation. If you say yes, please be aware that the person showing you his/her bugs REALLY sees these things. YOU may not see them; you WON'T see them, but the person showing you REALLY SEES THEM ON THEIR SKIN!!! They actually "feel" them crawling around under their skin and can see them moving. It is Sooo real to them. This is a psychriatric condition that is treatable. The condition is called "Delusions of Parasitosis"

Fall is starting again. It is time for the spring/fall disease to start; Pityriasis Rosea! My second blog post was on this subject. Check it out! Thanks for reading. Krkk

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm back!

Hello out there! I'm back after a loooong overdue vacation. Let's talk about something that had every ones interest while I was gone....Michael Jackson. What I want to talk about is the PLASTIC SURGERY that he had done to his face.

Obviously Michael Jackson had many, many plastic surgery procedures done. I think he was cute as he was; but I guess he wasn't happy about what he was given. For the life of me I can't figure out how a Doctor could approve of the number of such procedures done to one face. Yes, he had the money and fame to do whatever he wanted to his face; but shouldn't the doctor or doctors that worked on him talk to him about the reality of such procedures and their outcome?
Think about it..did Michael really think he was going to come out of the surgeries looking the way that he did; was his perception of himself so distorted that he thought he was looking "better" than before? You know how they say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". Do you think Michael was pleased with his looks? Maybe what WE saw on the outside of Michael Jackson was not the same thing Michael Jackson saw.

Coming up....a skin disease that fools with your mind. Later, Krkk

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mean People Suck

People are sometimes so cruel. I just witnessed in a dermatology office waiting room , people waiting for an appointment staring with mouths wide open at a patient leaving the office! The patient leaving the office had a pigmentation disorder on the face. I'm just hoping the patient wasn't aware of the people that were staring! People can be so insensitive. People can be mean.

Later. KRKK

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring has Sprung!

Isn't the weather great! Sky is blue, sun is out and gee...I've got a rash starting on my back. Did something I'm allergic to touch me? Did I get a bug bite in the park? very well could be..

It may start out with a scaly patch which looks very similar to "ringworm"*. This patch is what is called a "mother" patch or "hearld" patch. Anti-fungal cream may be applied but it will not work since this rash is not caused by a fungus.

More pink patches will appear within a week or two; sometimes hundreds of them. (egad!) They will appear on the body, arms and legs. They can appear on the neck; rarely on the face. (Thank goodness!) The patches are oval in shape and will often form the pattern of an outline of a Christmas tree on the back. (This is one of the most tell-tale signs.)

This is a conditon that you can pick up that will give you a rash that can last from several weeks to several months....but it will go away. The rash is NOT caused by a fungus or bacteria. It does seem to pop up during the spring and fall seasons. It is called..
PITYRIASIS ROSEA (pit-a-rye'-ah-sis ro'-zee-ah)

A diagnosis by a dermatologist is needed; for this rash can differ from person to person. This rash also resembles "ringworm"* and some reactions to different medications. A dermatologist may do a scraping, a biopsy and may order some blood tests.

This rash may be caused by a virus; (this has yet to be proven) but unlike other viruses this rash is NOT contagious. It can occasionally make a person feel slightly ill. Vigorous physical activity and hot baths or showers can cause the rash to temporarily worsen or reappear.

Treatment by your dermatologist may include anti-inflammatory medications external or internal for the itch, medicated lotions, or lubricants. Luke warm bathing instead of HOT bathing may be suggested, and stopping any activity that could aggravate the rash may be recommended.

Remember, PITYRIASIS ROSEA is a common disorder that usually pops up during the SPRING
and FALL! ( Maybe we should re-name this the "time change rash"? ) NAH.

* RINGWORM (this is not a "worm" that is in/or under the skin. It is a fungus that grows ON the skin and is microscopic)

Bye for now, Krkk

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ole' Irish green is good for a red face!

Hope your St. Patrick's Day was much more fun than mine! I guess that I'm actually still in elementary school according to most of my co-workers, yeah, I work with a bunch "of sticks in the mud"..... (where did that little ditty come from? I betcha it evolved from someone who actually put "sticks in the mud" to hide them and the intended victum went squishing around with their bare feet while playing, wouldn't be pleasant!..thus "sticks in the mud". ( I am showing my age)

I work in a medical Dermatology office; I pinched each patient that came in that wasn't wearing green, I greeted every one of the patients with "Happy St. Patrick's Day" and was head to toe wearing green! I couldn't find my Irish Snoopy scrub top so I sufficed with my blue fish tank looking scrub top with green plants and colorful salt water fish; and of course green scrub pants, green shoes. All of the Irish last names were pronounced with a little brogue added in.. birthdates near March 17th were remarked upon and everyone under the age of 12 was asked about leprechaun pranks.......ummmmmmm..maybe I am still 7 years old. Oh well..I had fun.. for red faces..when I talk about red faces it doesn't necessarily mean your whole face is red; just across the nose and onto the cheeks, could be just the cheeks, could be the area between your eyes and around the nose, or it COULD be the entire face, and/or include the neck.

There are topical medications that have a GREEN base added to them to cut down the REDness of the skin...these medications are usually written for a condition called ROSACEA. Prounounced "ROW ZAY SHA". To remember..ROSACEA; roses are RED and so is my skin.

Rosacea is not the name of all red skin conditions, just a facial one that is considered at times ADULT ACNE. Many times the condition consists of bumps that look and act like acne along with the redness. There are certain things that sometimes trigger the condition of ROSACEA. Temperture "hot" drinks and soups, wine, "hot showers", spicy foods, etc.

Sometimes oral antibiotics are prescribed for the condition along with or without topical medications, some having the green tint or color to them or not.

Hopefully your St Patrick's Day was fun..I used to call it St. Patty's Day but some Irish patients told me it wasn't correct..I'll have to look into that. Now that I think of it they were mostly men!


Take care..KRKK