Sunday, September 6, 2009

"Really seeing bugs"

My last post made mention of "people who see bugs" on their skin. Well, you may have not met or know of any person who sees bugs on their skin; but they exsist.
Unfortunately these people suffer from as psychosis known as "delusions of parasitosis". It seems as a number of these folks burdened with this are often, but not always, previously users of illegal drugs.

It is hard to imagine that a person can "see" something that is not visually "there" to the majority of us; but what these people see on or coming out of their skin is very real. They often complain of their skin feels like "it is moving; or something is crawling or moving under their skin". They often pull at the scabs or open wounds on their skin showing the webs that are attached to the bugs; sometimes they have plastic bags that contain all the bugs that they have collected that have come out their skin. Some of these people have used "bug spray" that you and I would have used only in the garage ON THEIR SKIN; often in abundance. In addition to the bugs they now have rashes from the poison that they put on their skin!

Quite a few of these people with this disorder are just shuttled from doctor to doctor without a diagnosis, being told that a practice can no longer help them. I think this happens because these patients are very time consuming; they require maximum attention and time from a physician and the practice. Sometimes it seems that no one wants to be the bearer of the news that a patient suffers from a mental disorder (I feel that the stigma attached to having a mental illness contributes to this unfortunate problem). There are those patients who absolutely refuse to believe that they do suffer from a mental illness; I think this is to be expected from a person who actually sees bugs coming out of their skin. It really is helpful if the patient has a good support system at home that can deal with the realization of what the actual problem is and can get the patient treatment. The patient with this disorder is difficult to treat.

These people are suffering from a mental disorder that makes them see and feel things on/in their skin which is invisable to others. Dermatologists see and treat patients with this disorder to patients that have VISABLE and uncurable diseases on their skin which in itself leads to problems with self esteem. (Visable Skin Disease is a very interesting subject in itself; maybe my doctor friend will someday soon complete his E-Book on the subject!) Skin problems can be simple or very complex.
With this information I hope to dispell the myth that many people believe; DERMATOLOGIST ONLY TREAT PEOPLE WHO HAVE ACNE OR SKIN CANCER!

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Hopefully this has been some help to someone; or at least an interesting read.
Later, KRKK

Thursday, September 3, 2009

People with "BUGS"

There are people who do get infested with bugs on their skin and hair. There are times that you cannot see the bugs with the naked eye; yet there are times when you can. Theses cases are pretty clear cut because the little culprits that are causing the problems can be seen or caught and looked at under the microscope. Most of the time these cases are contagious by close physical contact, sharing clothes,blankets, furniture, bedding. There are steps to get rid of the little culprits which work well. You or your child will probably have to stay away from school or work depending on the policy.

You have probably heard of people at work or at school that have had this unfortunate situation happen to them. These things can happen to the cleanest family on the block. It should not be a social stigma. IT JUST HAPPENS!
There are tried and true ways to alleviate the problem . IT WILL GO AWAY if treated properly.

Now, there is another kind of ""bugs in and on the skin problem". This kind of problem is where the person feels and sees the bugs crawling and coming out of their skin. If you meet someone that tells you about their problem and wants you to see their bugs, you can say yes or decline the invitation. If you say yes, please be aware that the person showing you his/her bugs REALLY sees these things. YOU may not see them; you WON'T see them, but the person showing you REALLY SEES THEM ON THEIR SKIN!!! They actually "feel" them crawling around under their skin and can see them moving. It is Sooo real to them. This is a psychriatric condition that is treatable. The condition is called "Delusions of Parasitosis"

Fall is starting again. It is time for the spring/fall disease to start; Pityriasis Rosea! My second blog post was on this subject. Check it out! Thanks for reading. Krkk